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Transport Services

We have our 2 car transporter and access to 4 car transporters open  and 2 car enclosed transporters 


Specialist Vehicles

If you need a vehicle for a specialised action or stunt then we can help you. 

WE can build your car as required for your needs.

Commodore  Storm (4).JPG
Commodore  Storm (3).JPG

Prop Services

We have various static props in stock : 

Car parts for dressing .

Magnetic signage  for Police  including light bars

( conditions and restrictions Apply ).

Taxi Signage  and lights.

Number Plates.

Steering wheel rigs

Wheel rig 1.JPG
Number plates (5).JPG
TGTF 1500.jpg

​Vehicle Purchasing

Looking to purchase a vehicle  for your next production  it maybe a Hero vehicle ,

specialised or altered to suit your needs.

Then speak to either Adam or  Morgan and will look for the right vehicles  you require.

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