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Our Business 

Started by Adam Pinnock in 1987 with 2 cars a  MGB  and a Ford V6 Capri together with  250 business cards.

What was found what was lacking in the industry was service, proper on set support for the art department , stand by props , Directors  and mainly the vehicle owners supplying the vehicles .  

Our vehicle owners are the basis of our business along with the vehicles they own. We treat your vehicle the same way we treat  our own vehicles when on set .  

All Vehicles go out with a Vehicle Coordinator to ensure the vehicle is looked after including  positioning , cleaning , driven as required  and presented as the Director is looking for to get the shot .

We ask the questions about what the vehicle is required to do on set . This than gives us the information to give to you the vehicle owners so you know what is happening .

If we don't look after the private vehicles we hire then the  owners will not be keen to supply them again for the next Film or Commercial .

Credits , not all far to many to list over 30 years

A Place To Call Home" Series 1,2,3,4,5,6.                          Peter Allan Story

Love Child" Series 1,2,3,4.                                                   Friday on my Mind ( Easy beats)        Frayed                                                                                    Harmony

 Riot                                                                                        Heart Break High 

Brock ( Peter Brock Story )                                                 Bite Club

Brothers in Arms ( Bikie Wars )                                         Reckoning

East West 101                                                                       Rescue Special ops 

Puberty Blues Series 1                                                        Man Thing

Packed to the Rafters                                                         The Saint in Australia


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