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Action Vehicles

It's what we do and we do it the best!

We give Production Companies the right information & choices.

For over 35 Years Film Cars Australia has been supplying Vehicles

for the Film and Television Industry.


Based in Sydney we offer specialised services that make your job easier.

Contact one of our specialists to talk about your needs for your next production.

Transport Services

We have a 2 car transporter, access to 4 car transporters  and 2 car enclosed transporters 


Specialist Vehicles

If you need a vehicle for a specialized action reason we can help. 

​Vehicle Purchasing

Looking to purchase a vehicle  for production?  Hero vehicle , specialised or altered to suit your needs.



Car dressings, Magnetic signage, Police light bars,

Taxi Signage, number Plates & Steering wheels

 0414 403 533
give us a call
its what we do!
0412 239 050

40+ Vehicles in stock

 1000+ Vehicles in our database

30+ years of sourcing cars from all over

give us a call to see how we can supply your vehicle needs

have a look at what vehicles we have in stock
 film friendly cars
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We can make your car famous,
so add it to our private database.

Anything on wheels can get work

from your historic, custom and even your daily driver.

All types of vehicles... old, new, dirty or glam.


We treat your car like a movie star and  you will even earn money

Started by Adam Pinnock in 1987 with 2 cars a  MGB  and a Ford V6 Capri.

supply, deliver, find, customize, paperwork, dressing and more

Supplying the vehicles for the art department , stand by props , Directors  and  the vehicle owners.

All Vehicles go out with a Vehicle Coordinator.

The vehicle is looked after including  positioning , cleaning , driving and presented as needed.

We ask the right questions to get the job done.

The vehicle owners trust us.

See You on Set!

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